“Che bedda!”
It is a genuine

...and spontaneus common saying in order to express real admiration for a person, a situation or a city.

But it is also our house, located in one of the most beautiful buildings from the 1700, just in the historical centre of Catania.

Who are we? We are Enrico and Sabrina.

Che bedda!
It is a folkloristic expression you will hear if you come to visit us here in Catania.

It means much more than the italian “Che bella”, because the sicilians are very passionate people.

The bed and breakfast is part of our house. We have furnished it and chosen it thinking about you and us. Everything is designed to make you and your family live the feeling of “being welcome” just like if you were at home.

Sicily, Catania and our B&B will be for you and your family a very comfortable place, immersed in the true spirit and culture of our island. We want you to feel in the right place, but especially with the right people.

Park your car and start exploring Catania on foot.


Who are we?


In January 2017 we decided to buy a new house in one of the most beautiful buildings from the ‘700, in the historical centre of the city (but also in a very quiet and reserved neighborood) to set up an idea we had been thinking about for years: a bed and breakfast.

An idea both new and ancient: open the doors of our house, socializing and describing our “bella” or “bedda” city, Catania.

We are sure you will enjoy every comfort because we live here too!

And above all, we love feeling good with our guests.

Chebedda is our house, we live here, and this is the best warranty we can offer you.